About Andouille

The Andouille (an•dou•ille | \än•´dü•ē) was born out here in the River Parishes as French and German culinary heritages combined. When you taste our andouille, you are tasting our culinary heritage. Be careful to not call it sausage - because of the coarseness of the ground pork, it's not considered sausage by locals, it's simply andouille. Special seasonings, the coarsesness of the grind, and the very wood added during smoking, make every producer's andouille product a unique culinary offering - you'll want to try them all!

To make it easy, we've developed a trail of where to find all the delicious! Where you can see how it's made, taste a sample, buy some to-go, dine-in, or have it shipped to you.  Many of our area restaurants also have andouille on the menu - in Louisiana delicacies like gumbo and jambalaya, all the way to inventive toppings for pizza and potatoes. See the list and enjoy Andouille on your visit, and make sure you take some to-go!